Hey everyone. Happy New Year. Like several others in here I have lately been getting the BSOD error listed in the title of this thread. It started happening earlier this week sometime and I can't seem to figure it out. Anytime I am in windows my system will freeze after a short time and then my screen will black out and then get the BSOD and a dump file generated. I have a self built system:

AMD Phenom 8460 Tri-core, Win7 Pro X64, 4gb of RAM, GeForce 9800GT video card, Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card, a Dlink DGE 530T network card, and MB = abit AN78GS.

Attached is about a weeks worth of dump files that have all been pretty much the same thing every time. I can't even use my PC and really need help getting it back running without having to reload the OS. Thanks in advance.

View attachment MinidumpFiles.rar

I have also tried to run startup repair and chkdsk /r from my win 7 DVD and both checks reported no issues. I ran a check on memory with MemCheck 86+ and all tests there (after 2.75 hrs) of running all passed.) I even rebooted Windows into diag mode (through msconfig boot type change) and the BSOD still occurred even then.

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As an update to the start of my thread here, I have tried to install some of the diag tools to help gather more information or attempt to fix some of my problems, and am noticing now that my system will lock up and freeze even at the windows login screen. I really need this machine back up and running for graduate school classes that I have starting again tomorrow. Is there ANYONE out there who can help and give me some kind of direction or idea what I can do to fix this; or is the error such that it is time to reformat the drive and start over again? HELP PLEASE!!!

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