BSOD when connected to external monitor using DisplayPort

I am getting a lot of BSOD when my laptop is connected to an external monitor using a display-port cable.
The system is fine when I don't use a external monitor and use just laptop screen. External monitor is a Dell 30inch. I have tried different display-port cables, different monitors, tried connecting via vga...still get BSOD, so I am thinking the problem is more on the windows 7/software side rather than hardware.

I searched forums and have done the following so far:
1. Uninstall AVG free edition 2011 (as recommended in the forum, maybe switch to MSE after problem is resolved)
2. Upgraded network-gigabit driver directly from intel instead of Lenovo
3a. Upgraded Nvidia drivers directly from nvidia for Quadro 1000m (ver - 5/20/2011) - got BSOD within 30min
3b. Downgraded Nvidia drivers to version from Lenovo (ver - 2/2/2011) - still get BSOD but there is more time between BSODs.

I am using a lenovo w520 laptop, win 7 SP1, x64. 8gb memory, intel 510 solid-state drive, Nvidia Quadro 1000 and Intel HD Graphics 3000, No-Anti-Virus and running zone-alarm firewall.

The attached zip file contains
3 dump-files
3 Windbg analysis-files
cpuz and Rammon screen-shots
BlueScreenView screen-shot

Any help in analyzing the dumps and providing direction/clue towards a resolution would be greatly appreciated.



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according to the information you have provided it does relate to the Nvida drivers, the main not_less_than_equal error can be caused by the fact the old drivers wasnt removed correctly or the fact the ones you have installed didnt also install correctly

so plan of action :)

Download Driver Sweeper, and make sure you have removed all the Nvidia drivers, ensure you have the latest ones installed

( the link is in the top of the BSOD forum, under , antivirus and software removal, near the top of the page )
also the error can occour if you have recently installed new software i.e a webcam,fancy mouse,

I was using BlueScreenView to look at the minidumps. That program was saying - caused by driver - tcpip.sys.
Thanks for looking at the minidumps I uploaded kaos. I will follow your suggestion/first steps to try. I don't have any fancy usb mouse etc.

After the post I noticed that lenovo had a new nvidia driver on their website. After using Driver Sweeper to clean out nvidia driver, I will install the nvidia-drivers from lenovo website (ver Nvidia website has the latest/greatest (ver but if the one from lenovo works and is stable (without BSOD), I will stick with the slightly older version from laptop-vendor-website.

I will report back shortly if using driver-sweeper+reinstall of nvidia solved my frequent BSOD problem.


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excellent, good luck!

Just wanted to provide an update of the issue.
Before I reinstalled the OS, I tried Nvidia Drivers (ver6696, ver6802, ver6871 and ver 7533) each time doing a clean Drive-sweeper of nvidia stuff. It did not help the situation. I tried uninstalling any components/traces of AVG and any components/traces of Zonealarm using their respective uninstall/cleaning tools. I was still getting BSODs at least twice a day.

I ended up reinstalling the OS and I am running Nvidia drivers ver 6802. It has been a few days since reinstall and no BSOD...yet :) After the reinstall I did not install AVG antivirus and Zonealarm firewall. I went with built-in windows firewall and windows essentials. Maybe AVG and or Zonealarm was the problem and nvidia-drivers were the "innocent" bystanders during the crash (nvidia-drivers just happened to be loaded in the stack when the system crashed but they did not cause the crash)

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