BSOD when going into sleep mode and after hibernation

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    This has been an ongoing thing for quiet some time now. Can't put my finger on it. HP tx2113cl Windows 7 Ultimate x86. I rolled back the drivers on ACPI under System Devices in Device Manager and it worked but only for one time. I've tried using different Nvidia drivers but still no success. Please help!

    Here are the minidumps
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    Also I ran powercfg -energy and these are the results:
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    Hello and welcome. Follow precisely as posted for best results:

    1) Uninstall ESET which has caused crashes, in safe mode, using the tool to do so:

    ESET Knowledgebase - How do I manually uninstall my ESET security product?

    Reboot and install MSE to replace it. It's the only antivirus that can not cause bsods. Anything else could potentially be unwell, and be unwell to any further troubleshooting if needed.

    2) Must update this NVIDIA network driver. Extract my attachment. Then copy the driver inside and paste it over the one at C:\Windows\System32\drivers

    Then reboot.

    nvm62x32 nvm62x32.sys Fri Oct 17 17:00:39 2008

    3) Update the Wacom driver:

    wacomhidfilter wacomhidfilter.sys Wed Jun 03 17:02:05 2009

    Wacom Hardware Drivers

    4) Update HP Remote Control driver from their website:

    HpqRemHid HpqRemHid.sys Wed Jul 11 11:30:21 2007


    When done with that, do a Windows Update and install everything.

    If you follow precisely, the machine will be well.

    If you don't follow precisely, no saying what the result will be.

    Enjoy! :)

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