BSOD when opening world of warcraft

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P4 3.0GHZ
running 1gb of RAM
Geforce 6800 XT

old computer i wiped, did a clean install of win7 and updated all drivers. works fine doing everything else!

Hi and welcome. You've had a MCE stop error, aka 0x124 which means a hardware problems. Sometimes software incorrectly triggers theses, so lets take care of that first:

1) Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers and delete this file:

PxHelp20 PxHelp20.sys Wed Mar 12 21:57:44 2008


2) Update your SiS Raid drivers:

SiSRaid2 SiSRaid2.sys Wed Sep 24 14:19:45 2008

SiS - Welcom to Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation.


I can't see most of your other drivers due to the way it crashed. If you have more crashes after doing the above, post them. But also include a screen shot of CPU-Z spd tab and also one of the memory tab.

thanks, i'll tru that

the site only lists GPU Graphics Drivers and IGP Graphics Drivers when I look under Windows 7 products.

should I look at XP instead?

Nah, that SiS chipset is suspect at best on Win 7. Try to make a new crash and post. Then also follow about CPU-Z screen shots while posting, too.

I can see a little bit more of your drivers this time. I know you have an AGP video card, but not which one. Which video card does it show for you in the device manager?

In the meantime, boot to safe mode + networking. Uninstall AVG using this tool:

AVG - Download tools

Reboot and install MSE to replace it.

When you post again and tell me which video card you have, also include a screen shot of the CPU-Z mainboard tab.

Nvidia geforce 6800 XT

After you're done with the AVG removal as above, go back to safe mode and run Driver Sweeper to remove all NVIDIA video files. Reboot and install this driver:

And also post the CPU-Z mainboard tab if needed still.

You can also check the SIS website to see if they have your chipset to install the latest IGP driver package, too.

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the nvidia drivers are installed and freezing still occurs.

newest crash as well as mainboard SS attached.


Ya, all the crashes are 0x124 hardware types.

I would definitely update the bios to the latest available from here:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

The crashes could otherwise be caused by the fact that your audio is not supported at all on Windows 7, because no proper driver exists. So that is definitely something to consider and keep in mind.

Other than that, this is the best resource available on 0x124 stops to give you a better understanding and to attempt to fix them. But like I said, it really could be either the audio or even the SIS chipset that there is nothing you can do about:

Stop 0x124 - what it means and what to try - Windows 7 Forums

After updating the bios, set the Default settings in the bios and save.

thanks for your help, i'll just keep plugging away at it :)

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