BSOD When Viewing 1080p YouTube Videos (Flash?)

When it happens: I first came across it 2 days ago while viewing a 1080p youtube video. The blue screen which I am prompted with gives me no information other than: Hardware malfunction, the system has halted.

Things you need to know:
- I've tried turning off hardware acceleration in flash and I've also tried using different browsers although it occurs nonetheless. I've also tried viewing 1080p video in media player classic and the error does not occur there.

- I have the latest official nvidia drivers installed and I'm using a gtx260 896mb. My first thought was that my video card/drivers are causing the problem, although I can game without any issue (FarCry3, CS:GO).

- Recently, I've been doing some hardware upgrades to my system. two weeks ago I installed 4gb of extra RAM on top of the 4gb that I have and one week ago I installed a new processor. I've ran 10 linx tests at max memory as well as 5 prime95 tests without receiving any errors. While running these tests I ran a temperature monitoring program and the temperatures remained safe.

It doesn't seem to be an overheating issue as I've ran Everest while watching the 1080p video. I'll crash although prior to crashing my Everest reads mid 30-low 40 degree Celsius temperatures.

System Specs:
Intel Q6600 (2.4ghz @ 3ghz)
EVGA GTX260 896MB (driver version 310.70)
EVGA 750i FTW SLI Motherboard
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

I've attempted to find my dump files although, even when creating the minidump folder and setting my windows to create a small memory dump file in system properties, nothing appears in the C:/Windows/Minidump folder.

If any more information is required please ask. I apologize if there was something I missed in a sticky that could have assisted me.

Edit: I've also noticed that when watching flash video, especially of higher quality, my cpu usuage is unusually high (60-80%). I know the Q6600 is an old processor, although it is a quad-core and I doubt it should be performing like this. Like I said, I ran linx and prime95 which stresses the cpu @ 100% constant looking for errors and none were found.

Edit 2: Just tested a streaming media site ( The problem also occurs when viewing HD video (flash) on that site as well.

Edit 3: I also tried running older, official GPU drivers although the problem still occurred. Hoping my GPU isn't starting to go.

Edit 4: Attempted to run an older version of flash, still occurred.

ram1.jpg ram2.jpg



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updated with required information.


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The upload is missing a number of the needed reports.
Please re-run the app that gathered the information. Let it run for at least 15 minutes.

I get 2 possibilities from the info that was uploaded:

1) Overheating errors. Please use this free program to monitor your temps:
Let us know anything above 50ºC for the CPU, anything above 70ºC for the GPU, and the actual temps that it may monitor on other sensors - such as hard drive/chipset/etc.

Another test is to immediately unplug the system from the wall when it shuts down. Then open the case, hold the metal of the case with one hand, and feel around inside the case with the other hand (DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!!! - you can get seriously burned!!!) If you feel near anything that's likely to burn you - that's most likely the culprit (the video card is a possible exception here - as they do get very hot under normal usage). I have received second degree burns when doing this (blisters!) - BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL!!!

2) Drive controller errors. Run these free diagnostics on all drives connected to your system (both internal and external):

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So I sent in my GPU to get it replaced, although, even with the replacement, this is still occurring. Considering it was only happening during video playback/streaming, I thought that it was the GPU for sure. Nothing seems to be overheating as I'm monitoring all temperatures and I have run various stress testing programs on different parts of my hardware to affirm that the hardware is okay. As I said, I can play games with good graphics for long periods of time, which is why this is odd to me. This only occurs when doing ONE thing on my computer, and that's some sort of video playing. I've reformatted, but still no help. Anyone?


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Have you run the rest of the hardware diagnostics that I suggested? What were the results?
Other components (such as the RAM, mobo, and CPU) can cause these problems also.

A while back there were issues with nVidia chipsets using over 4 gb of RAM - have you updated the BIOS?
Have you tried the system with only the original 4gB of RAM?

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Hi usasma,

Thanks for the continuous replies. I am aware of the issue with my mobo and 8GB of RAM, and I did update the BIOS when I installed the extra 4GB. I've also tried the system with only the original 4GB, although, this issue still occurs. As I said, I've stress tested the RAM, GPU, and CPU using extremely credible programs, and no issues are found. Attached are the diagnostics in full.


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I would suggest posting over in the hardware forums as I have no further suggestions to make: Windows 7 Hardware

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