Windows 7 BSOD while booting to XP after installing W7 on dual boot


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Jan 11, 2009
I recently put windows 7 on another partition separate from my windows XP. So after the windows 7 installation, it put on a windows boot manager on the XP partition. When I select "earlier windows version" (or something on that grounds) to go to XP, it loads xp for a couple of seconds and BSOD pops up. I cannot read the screen because it goes away too fast, but unfortinatly it will not let me push f8 to stop the error. I ran a chkdsk on the XP side and nothing popped up.. HELP!
Boot into safe mode, and if that works right click My Computer and go to Propteries. Under Advanced or somewhere there, there's an Error & Recovery Section and you must untick the box to automatically reboot when BSOD occurs. Then boot normally and it shouldn't reboot when you BSOD and you can Google the error code. Or you could record the booting of your machine then pause the video the moment you see the BSOD, or take a picture really fast.

Also inside of 7, right click Computer and select Manage, then go to Disk Management. You should see your Windows XP partition and you can assign it a drive letter. After you do so, browse Computer and your Windows XP drive and make sure you can see your Windows and sub-directories/files.
I tried booting to safe mode and it is still BSOD on startup. I put in the recovery disk and its showing i have windows in drive C:\WINDOWS and D:\Windows when I was running the chkdsk /r. So I am wondering if the computer is confused on the device because on the renaming. Also, another thing is that the XP partition is not showing up in the windows 7 OS under my computer... So my way to access the disk in windows is falling. I can access the disk only under the os X on the mac side of things. I can tell windows 7 completely modified the boot.ini and added a manager software on it. If there is anyway to see the drive in Windows 7, that could be a start by seeing whats going on.

Also what I dont get is that the boot manager only will let me click F8 for "advance options" on windows 7 selection and not the XP part. Is there a way to modify the program to ask for the advance option on both??

I wouldnt have done the BETA if i would have known windows 7 completely screwing up my XP even though its completely seperate.... Help... :(

I had multiple BSODs. Tryed to do the dual boot but win 7 didnt recognize unallocated space. My Issue was one of my RAM modules, it flat out didn't like it. Its a 512 AMP stick of pc3200 that still works in another pc. I also have an AGP video card, but it loaded one the RAM was out. One thing to think about...I've been reading where some people that are dual booting are also having issues with USB keyboards and mice on win 7
good luck
I am running the late 2008 Mac Book Pro, so swaping out hardware is very limited right now.. lol.. All i know is that XP was working wonderfully before the windows 7 installation... Is there a way to modify the boot manager to be able to push f8 on the windows XP selection? It is there only for Windows 7 options.

I manage to see the error I am getting on the BSOD. Its the "session5_initialization_failed" with the code of 0x00000071. I am googling around and still no luck for troubleshooting. This error still happens in safe mode also FYI and this error happened after I installed windows 7 on another partition. Anyone having the same problem?
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