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I'm having a lot of bsod while i'm gaming. Its a new self build pc with windows 7 64 bit running i tried to update my graphic card driver with a hotfix of amd it helped for about a week but the bsod came back i think after a update of windows i have attached the 3 mini dump files that where in the map if somebody could take a look at them to locate the problem. I have a AMD RADEON HD 6850 graphic card a ASUS M4A78LT-M AM3 socket motherboard and a AMD phenom 2 6x 1055t cpu

thanks in advance.


Hello and welcome.

The memory is likely defective, or it can be set unwell in the bios.

Post a screen shot of CPU-Z memory and spd tabs.

Update PowerISO:

Update Realtek lan:

Rt64win7 Rt64win7.sys Thu Aug 20 12:05:06 2009


And that Line6 gear you have needs a driver update from their website. Rock on!

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thanks for the reply and the help i have taken the screenshots of cpuZ and updated the drivers except from realtek i could only do a repair for that

spd1.JPG spd2.JPG spd3.JPG


Cool, you'll want to re-run the auto installation from Realtek's site to make sure that driver is updated.

Anyhow, if issues persist, the RAM is defective. Have it replaced by GEIL.

ok wil do the auto installation hopefully its fixed then. thanks for all the help

You're welcome, but no, the Realtek update isn't going to fix faulty RAM. It's simply good practice.

There is a very slight chance that the PowerISO update fixed things, but it is leaning towards faulty RAM very much due to the fact that you've had a FAT file system error.

You don't even have a FAT volume on the PC, which means RAM simply bugged out, instead...and is defective because it is already set well in the bios.

Contact GEIL asap so any warranties do not run out. Show them this thread.

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