My wife's Compaq Presario CQ5205Y Desktop ( Windows7 Home Premium, 64 bit) has been having BSOD episodes for the past 2 weeks. They appear to happen while the PC is in sleep mode and left unattended for long durations. She returns to the computer after an hour or more and....uh oh, it happened while sleeping. Sometimes it will bsod while she's online. But these episodes are rare. I've run diagnostic after diagnostic, checked for faulty/out-of-date drivers (updated some), tried to update the BIOS but found none available by HP, and even did a clean re-install. All to no avail. I'm only somewhat tech savvy. But, I thought I could solve this problem. Not so. I need help. I went thru many of the posts here, but it seems the ones that deal with sleep mode are bsod's coming OUT OF sleep. This happens WHILE IN sleep mode. I've got minidumps zipped for analysis and can provide any more info when needed.

Hey, welcome. Yep, post the minidumps.

I think I did this right and the zip is attached. Thanks for any and all assistance!


The zip only contains a shortcut and no actual dump files.

You have to copy all the .dmp files out of C:\Windows\Minidump to any other folder. Then highlight them all in the new folder and choose Send To, then Compressed Folder. Then attach the zip here that was created.

WOW! I think I found the problem? I updated the nVidia Chipset, just on a whim. Windows Driver diagnostics had not reported it as being a problem but I decided to do it anyway. After the update, I left the computer for about 5 hours while my wife was at work. Came back to it, woke it out of sleep mode and it was fine. Hmmmmm? So, we let it stay in sleep mode all night. This morning all was still well. So, I guess I just stumbled on a fix. If it reverts, I'll come back here to do the zip files. But, for now, all is well. Thanks for the assistance, even if we didn't have to go any further with it.:p

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