BSOD while playing games, Framework Violation

Hey guys, been having a problem for awhile and have not been able to figure out a solution on my own, and this seemed like a good place to reach out.

Recently I switched out the motherboard in my set up, and did a clean install of Windows 7. I'm not 100% sure when it started, but sometime between then and now something got messed up and now my computer likes to crash whenever I'm playing games. I do overclock, but I also monitor temperatures. So I'm pretty confident it isn't a temperature issue. It also doesn't matter how demanding the game is, it will crash even if I'm playing a 2D platformer. I don't even necessarily have to really start playing, it sometimes crashes as soon as the opening menu pops up. The BSOD mentions that there was a Wiindows Driver Framework Violation, so I'm assuming one of the drivers is corrupted or not playing nice with another one.

Everything I can think of is up to date, but I could be missing something. I'm not too savvy on the software side of computers, so I'm hoping someone here can help me.

.dmp files for the last 5 crashes: View attachment

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
Zotac Z77ITX-A-E motherboard Z77 chipset
EVGA GTX 680 Superclocked 1058MHz
8gbs (2x4) G.Skill Ram DDR3 1600
Intel i7 Sandy Bridge 3600k OC'd 4.2ghz
Corsair Enthusiast 850W power supply

Lots of thanks in advanced if anyone can help me solve this problem.

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