Windows 7 BSOD win 7 dual boot w/xp


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Mar 8, 2009
This has just started in the last 2 days. Till then it ran great.
I have the following hardware:

MSI p45 neo 3 motherboard
E8500 3.16 ghz wolfdale proc
4gb corsair xms2 6400(800mhz)
74gb western digital raptor
visiontek radeon 4850 vid card

I have xp as my boot on the main disk and
windows 7 on my second harddrive running thru dual boot manager at start up.
I am not overclocked at all.

The error screen goes off the screen pretty fast. I could read something about it looking for a clock reply from a second processor and failing to get it.

the error msg contains something about
so I am thinking its got something to do with my vid card
any ideas?
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