BSOD Win 7 Prem 64 bit; minidump file attached

SOLVED: BSOD Win 7 Prem 64 bit; minidump file attached

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Hi. Attached please find my minidump file - Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit SP1, original install, Lenovo desktop with 8GB of RAM with AMD II X2 255 Processor 3.10GHz; PC is about a year old. I upgraded the original RAM myself - but that never was a problem. The only thing I have done recently is installed a PCI firewire 1394 card - but I did that a month ago or more and I've had a few BSODs on and off - but now I cannot boot to Windows.

Also, this is a dual-boot machine also running Linux Mint 11 - which runs without a problem, no hiccups or anything. That has been on this machine at least six months - so I don't think that's the problem.

As I said, I'm attaching in a zip file my minidump file. Hope you can help.

[later]I attached everything asked for except the RAMMon information; it says error unable to loadIO driver. So, while
I wait for someone to read this I am going to run a check on the memory.

[2nd edit]The memory scan/test was fine; no problems. I decided to remove the PCI/Firewire card I installed a month or so ago; although I didn't think that would be the problem, the comp booted to Windows 7 on restart. I wanted to see if it would post/boot etc. before I remove the software/device in device manager in safe mode. It does.

If something happens after I remove the device/driver in safe mode I will post back. But I doubt it will cause a problem.

Since I didn't hear back from anyone I hope users will find useful the information I have posted.

Thank you and happy trails.



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