bsod windows 7 sp1 64 bits please help!

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    here is the error codes

    stop 0X000000D1


    first i would like to thank for any kind of support i really appreciated .
    i have been getting thid bsod when i used my audio interface when i try to record on protools is nothing wrong with software already check that part ..
    well anyidea ,tip help is welcome thank a lot
    how i attached the report i can't find the tool?
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    If you can get a dump file, that would be great. The sticky explains how to go about getting one.

    What report and tool are you referring to?

    Since you say you have already checked the Audio software, I suppose that means you have updated the drivers, like the one mentioned.

    If it only happens when you try to record, it might be some type of codec situation, but the dump file might help. You attach items using the paperclip on the Advanced replies.
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