BSOD/Windows critical error after 5 minutes after startup


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For me this is an awful issue since I can't do anything at the moment.
Since I have great experience from you fixing my problems: here I am again :p.

After 5 minutes Windows decided to either show a popup like "Windows has occured a critical error and needs to restart in a minute blablabla. Save your work. blabla". After this popup nothing happens, also no restart... The whole PC/screen just freezes up, except for the mouse.
CTRL + ALT + Delete seems to work, still, then I'm able to press some buttons. But after pressing something the screen turns black till I hit CTRL + ALT + Delete again.

Sometimes, instead of such a popup, a BSOD comes up. I thought it was something like 0x000000F74, a kernel lock I've seen. (Not sure)
EDIT: It's 0xF4, not 7.
Minidump in attachment.
View attachment 101211-27034-01.dmp
And indeed, it seems like Windows is doing some random stuff constantly.
I do NOT get network connection while it starts up, before that it already locks up.

Windows Safe Mode works, also with Networking enabled.
Yesterday I've installed Oracle VirtualBox, with installed some drivers etc. etc, I've uninstalled that with didn't fix the issue.
In safe mode CPU-Z doesn't seem to work (Error..), so no specs..
I don't overclock anything.

Huge wall of text, but I hope someone's able to help me out of here. Luckily safe mode at least works so I can access something.. at least..

Thanks for your help, once again!

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Uninstall AVG using either the programs own uninstaller if present in the programs folder, or the programs and features applet in the control panel. Follow that up with the vendor specific proprietary removal tool (make sure to obtain the correct one for your particular installation).
Reboot, download and install Link Removed due to 404 Error.
If Blue Screens persist post new dump files and we'll take another look. You do have several very old drivers which probably should be looked at, at some point.
sfhlp02.sys    6/14/2006 9:58
speedfan.sys    9/24/2006 8:26
VMNetSrv.sys    1/24/2007 7:05
sfvfs02.sys    2/8/2007 12:47
lmimirr.sys    4/10/2007 17:32
ManyCam_x64.sys    3/13/2008 2:46
LMIRfsDriver.sys    7/14/2008 11:26
sfdrv01.sys    2/3/2009 10:37
sfdrv01a.sys    2/3/2009 10:40
hamachi.sys    2/19/2009 5:36
NTIDrvr.sys    3/24/2009 22:09
UBHelper.sys    4/27/2009 3:48
AtiPcie.sys    5/5/2009 10:00
yk62x64.sys    6/15/2009 11:49

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