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    Hi experts,

    I had a perfect running system for more than 6 months.

    AMD 2.4 Ghz
    Asus M2NMX-SE plus mainboard.
    4 GB DDR2 Ram ( 2 X 2 GB).
    wINDOWS 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

    Problems started when I got a new video card ATI radeon hd 5450 1 gb. When I installed the

    card and the drivers, there was BSOD code 124.
    Then I discoverd by searching around that memory could be a probelm - I had 2 sticks with

    different speeds.
    Then I removed one stick ,there were no BSOD. Thought the problem was with the different

    speeds memory.
    Did not try much tweaking around the BIOS to get the second memory installed.
    Now suddenly there was BSODs again after about 15 days, thought it could be a problem with

    the drivers for the video card which I had installed and uninstalled numerous times during

    the earlier BSOD.

    Went for a fresh install of windows 7, along with 2 gb memory, no graphics card. After the

    fresh install , things were fine for a day. Then I installed the graphics card and there

    were BSODs again. This would happen within about 20-30 secs after booting, sometimes it would run for a minute or so.
    gave up and thought that the graphics card is not working well with my system. Removed the

    card and uninstalled the ATI drivers and the software.
    Still I keep getting the BSODs with error code 124.
    I tried to install the debugging tools somehow could not get the correct symbols for the

    Strangely , I also find the system crashing while in safe mode!

    Ran the memtest86+ tool on the 2 gb currently in my system. No errors there.

    I have also attached a report from

    TIA.View attachment dump

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