Windows 7 BSOD within 120seconds post win startup


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Hello guys! :)

I just installed the new Asus GTX 660Ti graphics card and upgraded the driver to the latest version from nVidia. Played couple of high end games at ultra settings without any issue and did shutdown the PC safely. At night , I turned it on again to play but within about 4 minutes, a BSOD game at IDLE. (No games were runnning) and it rebooted automatically. (It was like PAGE FAULT AT NON PAGED AREA). Post reboot, within 4 minutes again it rebooted with same BSOD and then again and again.!!! :frown: I suspect if this has somthing to do with the display driver or maybe any of the chipset / BIOS drivers? I am planning to upgrade the BIOS and chipset drivers as well to see a difference. If no improvement, I will try a driver rollback.

In the meantime, please somebody analyse the dump files ? Thank you very much!:thumbs_up:


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Can you turn on Driver Verifier and send us more crashdumps generated by it? Remember to follow instructions thoroughly, and that you can always go into Safe Mode and turn it off if it causes a boot loop.

Otherwise, it's not a coincidence that you happened to be getting BSODs shortly after installing your new graphics card. The card itself may very well be bad.
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Hello All,

Thanks for all the replies.

The BIOS was upgraded with enhanced memory support and the page file was also recreated. All is well. no more BSOD.