Windows 7 Bsod


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Jan 16, 2009
hi, i was (until this morning) using windows 7 x64 as my main OS, but when i wokw up i got a BSOD. this didnt alarm me, because i have had a few problems with that on win7 already, i just had to reboot and it was up and running. today however that didnt help. i got a BSOD 10 times in a row, so i found out i had t check the web for help.
i got these codes:

here is my system info:
cpu: amd 64 x2 6000+ 3Ghz
ram: 4x 1GB ocz reaper hpc (this is a ddr2-8500, but my processor can only run it at 6400)
graphics: asus EN9400GT (running at 1080p)
main board: msi k9agm3-f

can anyone help me? im getting killed here:frown:
what you really need to find out is the error (I think it's the second line, all written in uppercase) and the driver causing it (xxx.sys, somewhere in the middle of the screen). then someone may be able to help you.
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