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    Hi this is my first post so i apologise in advanced if in the wrong place.

    i am having major Pc problems with machine giving me the B.S.O.D

    and numerous errors for its reason.

    these are from

    IRQL-NOT LESSOR EQUAL 0x0000000a
    to dxgkrnl.sys 92ecdd47

    memory management

    stop 0x0000008e

    my pc is a core s duo E6400
    corsair paired 4 gig memory less than 2 months old
    a zodiac gt520 graphics card
    i use onboard sound
    hardrives are

    hitachi desk star 500GB WHICH HAS 32BIT WINDOWS 7
    a seagate barrcuda 2tb drive new less than a month old only used for backup

    all drivers are up to date

    the machine will run overnight with no issues with a program running in the background

    but as soon as i try and use it in the day either on the internet or normal i start getting a machine hangup and or a B.S.O,D.

    iam starting to lose patients

    i have also tried reinstalling and this still does not solve the problem


    Chris w

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