PS: Did you use Ccleaner before creating your thread here? That might have deleted your dump file.

Do not use Ccleaner while we're troubleshooting.

Problematic Software:

Many of us on the forums actually do not recommend automated optimization tools for Windows 7. Windows 7 does a much better job of handling its own optimization than its predecessors did. We especially do not recommend registry cleaning as an "optimization" step because automated registry cleaning causes more harm to the registry than it actually repairs.
Start Menu\Programs\Advanced SystemCare 6    Public:Start Menu\Programs\Advanced SystemCare 6    Public
Advance SystemCare is a known cause to BSOD-s. Uninstall it with the free version of Revo Uninstaller in Advance Mode so you're allowed to remove left over registry of that program.

Avast! can contribute in BSOD-s. Please uninstall it for testing purpose:
Start Menu\Programs\avast! Free Antivirus    Public:Start Menu\Programs\avast! Free Antivirus    Public
Use Avast! removal tool from this link:
Replace with MS security essentials and Malwarebytes (free):
Make a full scan with both separately after installation.

Perform a clean boot:
Perform a system file check as explained in this link:

Run Disk Check on your hard drive:

Post back the results.

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Hello koolkat, thanks for the advice. Yeah didn't mean to erase the dumps. The last blue screen had driver power state failure. technical info. 0x0000009F (0x0000000000000003, 0xFFFFFA8008A9BA00, 0xFFFFF80000B9C3D8, 0xFFFFF98006AC8AB0). The Malwarebytes had 18 files that were problems. The Microsoft Security Essentials found 3 problem with java. Clean startup, system file checker, and CHKDSK found nothing wrong.


Do you have anything connected to your USB port? And did you make any changes to your system recently hardware/software wise?

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just a mice in the usb. Hardware no, software update from mozilla, adobe.

Alright, please run driver verifier according to these settings: Driver Verifier Settings
Upload the reports you get in next 36 hours.

Cant get the computer to start in normal mode after the driver verifier. The two files came up when starting back up in safe mode as files that help describe the problem.


Doesn't look like you were able to run verifier at all.

Try disabling verifier from safe mode.

Disable verifier. Reboot in normal mode and after the windows logo screen goes black and stays till bsod comes up.

is the ntoskrnl.exe the problem?

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