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    My pc keeps freezing, crashing, and experiencing BSOD.

    It would freeze on the very first screen on the monitor, the screen with F10, F11, F9, F12, and Esc options; it would freeze at the next screen, the screen with "Starting Windows," and its animation; it would feeze after I typed in my password at the "Welcome" screen and its animation; it would freeze sometime after the desktop has loaded, or while it's loading.

    Sometimes, the monitor would immediately go to "Analog Power Saving Mode" while the light on the button for the System unit is still on. The monitor has this dark screen as if I had turned off the pc or the pc was sleeping for quite a while. Sometimes, I would turn on the System Unit, but the monitor would not respond.

    If the desktop finally loads, a varying amount of time usually passes before the screen "gets distorted" and I cannot move my mouse or use the keyboard. I'm not sure what the exact term you guys would use, but what I mean by "gets distorted" is that suddenly the screen is just a bunch of horizontal lines or very thin rectangles of varying colors, divided up into columns. I thought the problem was my video card, so I turned that off, but that did not work. This distortion problem always occurs whenever I turn on my PC after a couple of hours, like overnight. During my attempts to turn on the PC right after this problem, I usually experience a lot more of the other problems described above.

    I have had far less BSODs than the crashing, freezing, and the occasional "Analog Power Saving Mode."

    The above problems also occur during Safe Mode.

    After many attempts to turn on the PC, occasionally there would be one time when I could use the PC without the freezes and other problems.

    I have done chkdsk /f, sfc/scannow, and the F9 Diagnostics option, but there were no problems found and all tests were passed.

    I have done System Restore and System Recovery multiple times. During System Recovery one time, the pc just froze and shut down. Another time, a few minutes after the desktop loaded just after System Recovery, the pc suddenly underwent BSOD. The relief provided by System Restore, Recovery, or Startup Repair seems to be temporary. After I do Restore, Recovery, or Startup Repair, I still get BSODs sometime after desktop loads. The crashing and freezing as described above seem to get more frequent whenever I turn on the PC.

    I have checked all the plugs, cords, and cables, and they are all firmly in place.

    The antivirus I use are Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials, having recently switched from AVG because I thought that was the problem. I have scanned with AVG, Malwarebytes, and MSE and have found no viruses. I have used the Trial version of Norton that came with the PC before moving to AVG, then MSE.

    I have had the PC since December 2010. The series of crashes, freezes, and BSODs started sometime at the beginning of July. I have always used the above antivirus software, either Norton, AVG, or MSE, and have only experienced BSOD on a random occasion once or twice before July. Also, on a random occasion, the pc freezes while installing updates, which I have set to Automatic since I bought the PC.

    I bought the monitor separately before the PC.


    I appreciate any help you guys can offer. Thank you for taking the time to read my long post.

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