Windows 7 BSOD's Major Causes on Windows 7 RC 64-Bit


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May 24, 2009
hi people,
in this thread ,i want to showup all complains of the BSOD's on Windows 7 RC 64-Bit ,may this help to fix it with professionals ,so please send your problems with ur SYS Specs......
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windows7 64-bits system error

in run dll got this message on screen
Error in C:\windows\system32\spool\DRIVERS\x64\3\LXCCtime.dll
missing entry:_RunDLLEntry@16

anyone fixed that problem and if so please e-mail me the solution:frown:
LXCTtime.dll is a Lexmark printer file. Program starts upon Windows startup
It is not a Windows system file.
If you have a lexmark printer, (or other Lexmark product) try to reinstall it. if you had, but have now removed a Lexmark product, then look in Msconfig, startup tab and untick anyything you can see which relates to lexmark
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