BSOD's persist even after restore, driver problems

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    Original title:Irql BSOD's, don't know the cause.

    Hey there, I'm here to ask whether any one of you would mind helping with this problem I have. See, I had a fine running com that was good and all, until one day, BSOD's with the same error "IRQL_DRIVER_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" kept on popping up. I have no idea what caused the sudden multitude of crashes. i do know that the BSOD is caused by a faulty or outdated driver. However, I do not know which.

    When I browse the web, it seems to be fine. However, whenever I launch a CPU-heavy application, commonly games, the BSOD randomly pops up without warning, except for about 5 seconds of unbearable lag. I'm open to any solutions, including restoring or getting a new hard disk. IF you'd like my system information, please reply, but for now, here's my crash dmp file:

    I've been trying random solutions for weeks now, to no avail. Please help me out here.


    It looks like it crashes on youtube videos as well, whaddaya know :\ ( note, well this time the blue screen had a dxgmms1.sys error there, so I assume it's DirectX. But I'm not entirely sure what to do with it.


    There's the 2nd dmp file, with the same error code.


    Got a few more crashes. Here are the dmp files.

    ( attached )

    And also, i've run furmark test without probs, and the test averaging out at around 75 degrees celcius. Eh


    Ran Prime95, and my computer immediately bluescreened with a "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION" error. Processor problem?

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