Windows 7 Bsods


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Jul 3, 2008
Anyone else have this problem with Nvidia video cards? I assume this is the cause. I get one every time when the monitor dims and the computer goes to sleep.

theres been a bunch of Nvidia issues, I suggest using the search in the navbar to see if any of the posts have topics related to yours...if not repost with specifics...thanks

Thanks I will look now.

For what it is worth I appear have found the answer to this problem more or less. It does have to do with Nvidia drivers but, the fix for now is lessthan a happy one. Disabling everything that has to do with sleep in the power options works fine. All I can use is the screen saver. Though I do not want to, are there similar issues with ATI video cards. I have one but, it is slower than the Nvidia card so that is one option I really do not want to try, unless it's the only option left.