BUG Can't login on console after first logon using remote desktop

Have anyone met this bug? I can't login locally on console when first time I have logged in using remote desktop after restart. When I am in front of the console again, try to login locally system seem to load my desktop but for only a while. It shows only blank screen for a second and logon screen appears again. I can try to logon milion times - always the same. But when first time I have logged on console, after that logged using remote desktop, and then try another time log on using console everything works fine.


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I'm encountering this problem and have not been able to find any information on it. The system that I'm connecting to is a Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) desktop. The client system is a Mac Pro notebook running RDC Client for Mac 2.0.1. It does not appear to be consistent. Sometimes the console works normally after using RDC but other times the main screen is black and nothing I've tried with the keyboard or mouse will wake it up. However, I can reconnect using RDC and everything still seems completely normal. But I can't get the console back without hitting the power button. Did you ever get a resolution to your problem? Thanks.

I have the same problem. I'm running WIndows 7 Professional 64-bit. Client doesn't matter. If I connect via a client, I can only connect once and get the desktop that I had left running on my console. If I disconnect and try to connect again I get an entirely new desktop with all programs showing "recovery" documents.

If I have connected via remote desktop and then wish to use the console I simply can't. There is no way of bringing up a login screen. If I restart the OS askes if I want to recover or restart. Selecting recover simply leaves the screens blank, and again no way of logging in. I have to restart, delete recovery information and simply restart in order to log back in to my console.

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