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    May 24, 2012
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    I bought a new notebook running windows 7 64 bit a couple of months ago

    After running a full system scan with Kaspersky anti-virus a couple of days ago I now have a bug with sleep mode
    - After going into sleep mode, the user with my picture icon is locked meaning that I can't enter my password to log back in - the password box doesn't show.
    - With the ASUS face recognition scanner I'm logged back in, but everything is 'buggy' e.g. if I click on the start button and hover over that entire area it goes into sleep again or if i click on the bookmarks on chrome it doesn't show them, instead it click on an actual site within the bookmarks.
    - After going into sleep the only way to enter and return to a normal state is to click the 'switch user' whereupon, my user picture icon reverts with the password box

    I have tried a system restore but this didn't work. Any help appreciated

    Windows 7 Home, 64 Bit
    ASUS Notebook K53SD
    Intel i7 processor
    Kaspersky anti-virus
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    Dunno, this may be one of those stupid answers / comments, but since we sometimes do miss the easy and obvious... here it comes: I also have my picture icon "Locked" after sleep, but my PC starts by merely clicking on the icon --- the difference may be, I have no password. In any case, you may not shoot me. :)
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    I have mine set to not require a password after sleep. You might try that for testing. Other than that, since I have no experience with the facial recognition utility, I might suspect it.

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