Hi, I have been getting a BSOD for a little while and need to get it fixed. Any help is greatly appreciated.

here are my details


Hmm, something is holding up your USB. I recommend turning on Driver Verifier as instructed, then restart and let it crash the system a couple of times, then send us the resulting crashdumps. If it causes a boot loop, tap F8 before Windows logo to go to Safe Mode, then disable Driver Verifier there by opening it again and selecting Delete existing settings then press Finish.

What devices do you have hooked up via USB? Do you also use a USB hub of any kind, including any on the monitor?

The only devices I have hooked up via USB are my iphone and printer. And they aren't hooked up all the time. Just when i need them. Also, I do not have a USB hub. I will do what you recommended and post any information. Thank you for your help.

Is this a laptop? If so what is the make/model? This just might be a driver issue, check for any driver updates from the manufacturer website. Update all that are available

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