Bugged task bar ? and buttons ?

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    Sorry if there is already a post like this but tried to search and nothing helped me out. So my problem is that whenever i minimize a window of a game and some times other applications when i click on it it simply doesn't come back up as it should. Also alt tab fixes the problem after i alt tab many times. Also it maximizes only if i right click on the image on taskbar and very fast click it and sometimes it also maximizes if i click on the animation box on top of it. It's getting really annoying to be honest and hope you know a fix for my problem. Also with this problem it also came up with another problem. When i go to a site and click on a button there most of the times it just doesn't click it and also sets the firefox explorer to not respoding for a slight of a second and stays on the same page. Have to click the button several times to work.
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    This looks to be a virus of some sort do you have antivirus installed and is it current if so do a full system scan. are the games you are trying playing like really old like 6 plus years ago sometimes they can srew around with windows display. Also do you have any 3rd party windows custimization programs installed that could be be screwing around with windows. Is your graphics card driver current and up to date and is windows up to date? Also try this Click Start Orb -> type 'Cmd' -> type sfc/scannow -> wait a while till that has finished and then reboot -> see if problem is solved sometimes this does it. after trying all this and no luck then a repair installation of Windows may be in order. if that does not work then a clean install but that is the last resort.
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