Windows 7 Build 6801 x 64


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Just installed this build on my HP m9630f and can't seem to get the thing to connect to the internet. Says my NIC card is missing drivers. Have it on Dual Boot with Vista Ultimate x64 which works fine. Any hints, I'm quite a novice at this . Please be kind, no nasty pokes, I'm sensitive as well.........
Download the x64 Vista drivers. Windows 7 is backwards compatible with Windows Vista's Driver Base.
Try what Kyle said, or you can also try updating the driver from Windows Update using the ethernet port.

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Having x64, and working with win 7, seems to work good, but i have a device that isn't picking up and I can discover it via net or backing up my vista drivers(all-ms drivers & notebook(acer)) anyway on finding out which driver i'm needing? Thanks.
To find out what it is, go to the device in device manager, right click, properties, details tabs, and Hardware IDs in the drop down menu. Take the "DEV_####" id, and google it. This may get you an answer.
Thanks Kyle... Yes I've done it, and coz this driver is new to me, I've "googled' for it... and here's what I found if anyone else has the same problem... (its a bug). If anyone has a fix or knows a fix, please let me know. I like a clean, tidy DM.

Unknown Device Showing in Device Manager
On some machines we have noticed the presence of an unknown device in the device manager that doesn’t seem to be tied to any piece of hardware in the specific machines.
The Compatible ID’s for the device are as follows:
Now, it seems that this points to a file in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers called blbdrive.sys. Our best guess is that it has something to do with the Block Level Backup Engine (which is responsible for image-based backups in Windows Vista and higher, through a feature called CompletePC Backup and Restore), but we’re not 100% sure. If anyone has any information on this please let us know.

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FYI... I uninstalled the driver and rebooted and it appears the driver has installed. crazy...but its beta... so expect anything yes?

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