Build 7048 Bluetooth causing explorer to crash

I recenty bought an Iogear Bluetooth 2.0 USB Micro Adapter. I installed the software that came with it. but whenever I try to open up "My Bluetooth Places" windows explorer crashes. does anyone know if there is another software that is compatible with my USB Bluetooth adapter? I really need this to work so any help is appreciated. and I already tried Bluesoleil and that didn't recognize my adapter.

Windows 7 RC Crashes Bluetooth

I have the same problem as the user above. I have Windows 7 RC installed on an Asus Eee-PC S101 and every time I click on the My Bluetooth Places it crashed Explorer. It also will not securely pair with my stereo headset (S9).

Any help would be appreciated.

I too am suffering from this problem. Same iOgear device, newest (vista) driver, no luck. Im sure it has to do with driver incompatibility, so cant anyone verify any other possible solutions? I dont want to go out and buy ANOTHER bluetooth USB adapter to pair to my laptop. Please, cant anyone help?

Im running 7Rc1 on a EeePC 904HA
I also tried bluesoleil, not recognized.

Almost same problem

I use " ASUS USB-BT21 MINI BLUETOOTH DONGLE" my OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits. I installed the latest driver and software without any problem. Whenever I clicked on the " My Blutooth Places" the windows explorer crashes. However when I use with Vista Ultimate SP 2 (32 bits) and Windows XP Pro SP 3 (32 bits) have no problem.

same problems works find on my vista computer and not on my windows 7 laptop

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