Windows 7 build 7100?


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May 5, 2009
Is build 7100 beta or RC1?

Windows 7 Build 7100 is the RC.. Microsoft has stated multiple times that it will be the ONLY RC as well.. ;) Next will be the RTM and then Retail... :)

Thanks man :D
So its the same thing on the Windows website thats available for download?

Not a problem at all! :)
Yes what is being offered on Microsoft's Windows 7 page is indeed the RC (Build 7100).. :) It will be available AT LEAST until through July 09.. ;)

Welcome to Windows7forums.. :)

Thank you very much ;)
I love windows7, really faster, nicer design. Thats why I got it, and join the forums!

Indeed Windows 7 is without a doubt THE BEST OS Microsoft has released to date.. ;) It's going to be hard to top it.. Windows 8 is going to have to one hell of an OS to beat Win 7 for sure.. :)