build number of official beta?

i've been googling but i can't find any info. is it the 7000 build or a new build?

it's only going to be available to the first 2.5 million people who download it. sounds like a lot, but it won't last long! i wish i knew what time it's being released on friday...


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It's Build 7000.
& Likely, it'll be released at one of three times; 12 am, 12 pm, or 5 pm, all califonia time of course (-8 GMT)

so for people who already have 7000, do you think there will be a way to just get a beta key without having to grab the ISO again?


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There's usually an email when you sign up for the public beta, giving you a key and a download link. Just sign up, and don't use the download link.


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Is it possible to sign-up now? Or do we, the general public, have to wait to sign-up 'till friday?

I would like to know the same? It would be nice to run a official version.

Go to Welcome to Windows 7 and there will be a download link posted at some point in time January 9th, you click that and then follow the onscreen "directions" to get your ISO file and a key.. but remember it's only available to the first 2.5 million people! That sounds like alot but it will go quick for sure.. ;)


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......there will be a download link posted at some point in time January 9th.....
As far as your recollection from a past instance is concerned, what is the most probable time PST that the download link will appear in the site? Thanks for the info.


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Based on my past experience, I would say the most probable release time for the link would be 5 PM PST (-8GMT)

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