VIDEO Building a DIY NAS, Local AI and Media Server - True Nas, Ollama, Jellyfin, Home Assistant

I recently built my own DIY NAS with local AI and media server capabilities using TrueNAS, Ollama, Jellyfin, and Home Assistant. This has been a game changer for managing my data and automating my home. If anyone is having trouble mapping a network drive on a Mac, I found this helpful guide that made the process easier - How to Map a Network Drive on Mac. Since then everything has been going smoothly!

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Building a $122 DIY NAS, Local AI, and Media Server

The YouTube video titled "Building a $122 DIY NAS, Local AI, and Media Server - True Nas, Ollama, Jellyfin, Home Assistant" provides a comprehensive guide on constructing a budget-friendly yet powerful DIY NAS (Network Attached Storage), incorporating local AI, and setting up a media server.

In the video, the creator showcases the transformation of an old computer tower into a fully functional NAS server with a local AI setup and a media server. The hardware components mentioned include a Corsair 650W power supply, additional RAM, a PNY SSD, an HBA controller for NAS, and Seagate IronWolf NAS drives.

The software setup involves installing TrueNAS Scale on the bare metal and configuring the NAS using TrueNAS Scale or Unraid. The tutorial covers network configuration, creating pools and data sets, setting up user access and shares, as well as implementing data protection features like snapshots.

Furthermore, the video delves into the installation of various apps like AdGuard for ad-blocking, Home Assistant for smart home control, Ollama for private AI models, and Jellyfin for a private media server. The setup process for each app is detailed, emphasizing the importance of using official apps and ensuring proper configuration.

The video highlights the benefits of repurposing old hardware for building a cost-effective and efficient server. By repurposing components from sources like eBay or local marketplace sales, users can create a powerful server at a fraction of the cost of buying new components.

For Windows users interested in building their own NAS, local AI setup, or media server, this DIY guide provides valuable insights into hardware selection, software configuration, and app installation, making it a practical and cost-effective solution for home server enthusiasts.

Overall, the video offers a step-by-step guide for creating a functional and versatile server setup, showcasing the potential of repurposing old hardware for new and innovative uses in a Windows-based environment.