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    I have a Benq R56 laptop, 1GB ram, 1.5GHz cpu, 8400M g gpu and I have Windows 7 installed on it. Everything is running perfectly, except one thing, webcam, sometimes, Webcam Companion 2, program that came with the laptop, detects the webcam but displays only black screen and sometimes it doesnt and says "Web Camera is not connected or is being used".
    Webcam name is QEye and its built it so I dont understand how it cannot be detected...
    The weird thing is, it worked before, because, when I installed windows, I went to check does it work, it worked, and today, I was about to start a video call when I realised its not being detected!
    I tried updating drivers, reinstalling them, rebooting and running in safe mode, nothing helped.
    Please help!

    Can anyone help me?
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    Try and see using the Driver CD to update the driver of your built in WebCam. If you don't have the disc, go to BenQ Website in the country of purchase of this Notebook and locate VISTA drivers Most likely the Chipset driver file and download and save that to a disc and load that disc. Then access Device Manager [ press Windows logo key and Pause/Break key] to get System Properties>Device Manager] and Dbl-click Imaging devices> Rt click your Webcam shown there>Update Driver Software> Browse my Computer for driver software> Point to the Optical drive letter containing the downloaded and saved Chipset driver [you can make it easier for Win7 by unzipping if the downloaded file is a compressed archive before burning it to the disc.]. I hope this solves the problem. Otherwise as far as I can tell it won't be solvable. My Microsoft LifeCam VX 3000 did not work in Win 7 beta ( both x32 and X64) even with VISTA drivers where as Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX did work with VISTA drivers!!!!

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