burned dvd freezes after ten minutes in dvd player

im using windows 7 dvd maker im trying to burn a dvd after its burned it plays on the computer but if i put the dvd in a dvd player it freezes after 10 minutes i tried turning the filters off im not sure what to do


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There are a few possibilities:

Either Windows 7 DVD Maker is not compatible with the files or it is not compatible with the drive.
If it is Windows 7 DVD Maker, you may want to try a different program, like Nero, for these files.

It could also be that the DVD burner is at fault, or that the media you are using is not compatible.

my latest dvd played for 45 minutes before it freezed sense it plays that much of the dvd the type of file shouldnt be the problem or am i wrong i would like to try all the ways to fix it that dont envolve money what would be the easiest thing to try first. Thank you

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