Windows 8 burning dvd problems


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i use vso convert x to dvd program will covert project but will not burn the project i recieive an error message about half way through burn does any one else have similar. problems
For anyone wanting to help......... it would be good to know some particulars, like:
What computer? (Desktop or laptop.)
OS, version?
What speed are you trying to burn at?
Have you used the same burner and software under XP, Vista or win-7?

Always remember, "A slower burn is a better burn".

I use only two programs for burning DVD's on my computer.
"Nero", which I've used like, , , FOREVER!
and "ImgBurn" which I only use for burning .ISO files to CD or DVD.
It also works great for making an ISO off of a CD or DVD.

Cheers Mate!