Burning image bluray problem


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Hey guys! I have had this problem for a few days now and I can't restore my computer for various reasons and I also hadn't had lots of time to research the issue so I'm using workarounds for now but if anyone might know a solution, I'd be glad to hear! (Wow, what a long sentence!)

I use Adobe Encore to create image files from projects (.iso files). Then I use any burning program to burn the images to disks. (Nero, Ashampoo, imgburn etc.) What has been happening lately is that no burning program will burn image files to blu ray anymore. (dvd's ones burn fine). I can play the image files fine on any media player though (so the image file is ok). So in the meantime, I am just burning the blu ray's right from Encore instead of creating an image file. (Encore burns them fine so there is no problem with the burner.)

p.s. None of the burners give any error messages. Imgburn just gets stuck right off the start as it says "preparing image..." (but it apparently writes something to the disk because it ruins the disk). All other burners just make the drive to spin the disk for about a minute and then stop. The burner software is then just stuck before it starts burning.

Any ideas?

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