burning problems real strange


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just the last month both drives give burning faults

I have tried different burning prigrams and swaped drive and eben uninstall both

nero give a cant find seek
or cant perform end of disc

other program just caomes up with failed

If It was just one drive I would simply buy a new one but two at the same time ?


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if two different programs have the same fault then its possible that this one would as well
its a hardware fault
the w7 apears to freeze on some other programs I wonder if its related


Are these IDE, Those ones that use a fat ribbon cable, Or SATA ones anyway DVD Drives are rubbish these days, Just like Wireless G, Floppy Drives and Floppy Disks, and IDE equipment, Blu-ray is the new in standard, DVD is out. SATA Blu-ray Drives are $85.00ea and Blu-ray burners are less than $200 and are backwards compatible, SATA DVD Drives/Burners are the way to go if you wanna stay behind, you can pick these up for $45 or less. that's if you can find them, Look at ebay or newegg, or your local PC Repair store, doubt they'd have any but worth a look.

You certainly won't be getting CD Drives or CD Burners today thay are IDE and will be impossible to find, unless second hand of ebay.

Is your Power supply up to the task for burning? for regular PC's I recommend 500w, Gaming systems 750w or higher.

Check the cables and make sure they are connected into sockets with a snug fit


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sata drives and the power supply is above whats required
if it was one then my thinking would be just a faulty drive , but two giving the same fault
is there any way to prove this problem is one way or the other


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You could always check the drives in another machine say a friends perhaps. If you find they are fine and you know that the cables are also ok then look at the next link in the chain.
Is your motherboards bios fully updated?

Just as another thought.. How about the disks your using? Some can be bad from the get go and I guess it wouldn't be impossible to even get a bad batch sometimes..