Buying the upgrade vs the sys builder's version ...

Well, I'm loving the stability and amzing performance increases I've had the pleasure of enjoying .. especially in games and media center. Heck even mundane tasks .. not to mention all the other great features in Windows 7! So basically I have a fairly simple question .. but for some reason it doesn't seem to have been asked yet. So here goes:

I was thinking I could buy the upgrade version of my favorite new OS instead of buying the full system builder's version .. because of course .. it will save some cash. Well, I just want to know what kind of hassle I might have to go through if I did buy the upgrade. I have three systems that I intend on upgrading when the full version comes out. I wanna pre-order to save even more cash. But anywho .. I have three Windows XP keys that came with my old systems. Bought them before I learned how to build my own systems. They are legit regristration keys and they're all mine. So can I use those keys to do the upgrade? I didn't register them in my name because they were used by a different person .. which is the only thing that has me on the fence so to speak. Will that stop me from being able to do an xp to Win 7 upgrade? The keys are on stickers on the sides of the old computer cases (have them written down too though) .. I just wonder if I have to jump through any hoops other than having to put in my XP registration key?

If anyone can help me out and give me any info on this I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance,
Steve H

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Just make sure you have either xp or vista running on these pcs and then you can. If you are running vista you can upgrade but if you are on xp search for radenights or whoevers guide on doing a clean install using a upgrade disk.

Okay so basically even if I never had to register these XP keys in my name .. since I have the keys .. if I have XP installed and I buy say Windows 7 Ultimate's upgrade version .. I can simply upgrade to the new version without having to do anything special like call microsoft and verify my name addy etc etc etc?

Also what happens when I need to redo my OS and do a fresh install if I buy an upgrade version instead of a straight up full version? Do I have to reinstall XP and then do the upgrade again? That would be a real pain .. heh.

Search for radenights guide on how to do a fresh install from upgrade media. It will completly fresh install because you cant upgrade from xp and its cheaper than getting a full version.

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