Windows 7 C&C generals and Zero hour

C&C generals and C&C zero hour not work on my PC
widnows 7 32bit
i5 750 2.67GHZ
HD 5870 1GB
4GB ram
I press the game icon and shows me the logo of the game disappears and then nothing happens.


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right click shortcut, properties, compatibilty and set for xp sp3 with admin mode on, should work just fine.

Just curious why ya running 32bit windows on a 64bit rig?


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strange, cos it's working fine for me with zero hour, did you patch the game to latest build? if not go to and search on there.

so i must go there and download patch?

Can i download this patch in polish language?

I have installed the patch and I did like the beginning of my sayest it's not possible outcome was the same as before


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ok I installed my ZH (I wiped PC last week for hardware upgrades), all I've done is patch to v1.4 then edited shortcut to enable the compatibility to winxp sp2 (rather the sp3) and worked first try. Did you also run DirectX updater to make sure older DX files are present, not just Dx11 native ones.

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Can i download this patch in polish language?
If your version of the game has Polish as language option then I'd imagine so, otherwise nope.

instaled but polish
instaled version 9.0c

now what?

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