Cable YES WiFi NO orange livebox windows 7

Hi all i have just purchased a dell inpiron 5415 laptop with windows 7. I cannot get it to connect to my livebox with wifi. I pluged it in with ethernet cable and it worked instantly i didnt need to click on anything.

My laptop picks up my livebox with full signal. Enter in my secerity key and i get a message saying 'windows was unable to connect to Livebox-65A8' So i click troubleshoot problems.

Investigate router or access point issues. It asks me turn the router of for 10 secs which i have done many times but has not work.

So i clicked 'check to see if the problem is fixed.

and it says problems with wireless adapter or access point.

Im connected fine by my vista laptop and xp desktop.

Can anybody help. I dont have a clue what to do.

Thanks in advance.

I still cant get my windows 7 laptop to connect. Can anybody help me. Thanks!

Hi i have exactly the same problem bought the laptop today as well. My livebox signal is high trying to connect but it doesnt, works fine through ethernet cable. My laptop is called Acer Aspire 7715Z and my adapter is Atheros AR5B93 Wireless Network adapter. please help:(

still doesnt work... dont have a clue what could be wrong with it, iv tried everything... even rang orange customer service but they are very bad. any more clues?

Me either. I dont think orange has heard of windows 7. there is nothing on there website abot it!

i might be able to help u gavin:) do u have your adapter which you got sent by orange when u were getting ur livebox?

No i dont have 1:frown:

I think its the only one way at the moment to connect to internet through wifi:/ orange adaptor or some other wireless adaptor. i might just go on ebay and buy cheap one and see if its working;)

i have a belkin.

did you try it?

Cable YES WiFi No orange livebox windows 7 - potential fix...

Just got a new Windows 7 laptop today and came across exactly the issue you described. Can see the WiFi network with full strength but when I tried to connect it was not working...

The fix for me was as follows:-
having resorted to RTFM, there is a button on the livebox with a 1 on it which is a pairing button. In order to allow a new Wifi card to connect to the livebox, you first have to press this button to set the router into a mode that allows new cards to register...

It stays in this learning mode for a while before going back to not allowing any new connections so be quick!

I guess it is a good security feature but had me scrathcing my head for a while...

Hope this helps....

Worked it out ...i think.

Hi Guys,

just got a brand new machine (Acer Aspire 5542) and got the same problem with my Orange Live box, till i went back to the original instructions and remembered you need to click the "pairing" button on the router before you can setup a new machine to connect wireless to the Livebox. Look for the button with "1" on it should be next to the usb port on the side of the box press it once and the light on top of the livebox starts flashing, go back to your machine and try re-connecting.

job done....i hope

Re: Worked it out ...i think.

I am having this problem and knew about the pairing button but still no internet connection, am wondering if it would be worth buying another router?

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