CAC and PIV Key

I know CACs work with windows 7 for email, web auth... however, I don't know if you guys have noticed it is using the PIV endpoint interface not the GSC-IS enter face so doing smart card logon to the computer/domain doesn't work if you are set up to us the DoD email cert to logon with. it will fault due to the use of the PIV certificate. this is the issue I'm trying to resolve without putting a third party middleware such as activclient 6.2 which work with no problems on windows 7. if someone out there knows how to get the OS to recognize the GSC-IS interface of the CAC please let me know.


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Why don't you ask your Sergeant? :) Just kidding. Here's some discussion about it. Seems you don't need Active Client in Windows 7.
DoD CAC not working in Windows 7

Not sure if it will help but maybe it has useful information.

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