Cached Links - WHERE ARE THEY?

Hi All,
I have a website I visit and they have links to 200 documents. As I click the document and read it, the link on the page with the 200 documents turns purple - which would mean it is a visited link. So, now I want to back up these "visited links". Where can I find them? My IE settings show a path for Temporary Internet Files of c:\users\admin\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files, however, when I navigate there OR open it via Tools/Internet options in IE, it shows me tons of cookies and SOME sites I visited, but no sign of the 200 visited links (should be cached). Note, that this is a new PC (only have it 2 weeks) - and I AM showing hidden files and folders.

It's an odd request - but can anyone help?


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In IE7, Go to Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Under Browing History tab, Settings check your "Disk space to use" to make sure you are cache'ing the files.

The location of where these files are stored is also listed under this tab.

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