Calendar Creator 12 FYI


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Just an FYI I loaded CC 12 and it appears to work fine with WIN7 RC. (have not had time to do the upgrade). I was worried because they don't even say this works with Vista. I use this to create a family calendar each year with all the birthdays and anniversaries so I did not want to start over with a new program. Thought I would have to run it in a virtual machine.

WIN7 rocks for progam compatibility.


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I also have installed CC12 Deluxe on my W7 system. However, I have a problem with the program quitting when I goto EVENTS.... SHOW EVENT LIST, select an event and removing it. I get a box that says CC12 Deluxe has stopped working. I can still remove an event from the calendar itself but must remove one event at a time. When I had CC9 I could select multiple events from the event list and remove all selected. A real time saver.
Attempts to resolve this with Broderbund Support are as if I didn't exist. Anybody got any ideas?
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I just tried it on mine and worked without issue. You might try running in compatability mode, or reinstall with administrator privilages. Hope this helps!