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Windows 7 Call of Duty 5 Under Win 7 x64

Jan 18, 2009
I was very much involved in a classic battle pre-tun. Heretofore I spotted a team mate in duress. I notice that someone had tossed a sticky grenade at his being. Well, as I watched while protected from inside a structure made of hearty applewood - I heard the following:

"Get this thing off of me!" I could not believe my headset! I have played this game on many a day.. but this day - the first day of Win7 x64 - I watched in smirking amusement as the soldier of Hitler was blasted into four distinct pieces while pleading in tortured horror. I will never forget what I witnessed that day and don't ever expect to see and hear that again. Good day...
Indeed. But would it not be great if one could also play in multiplayer mode without constantly getting kicked by punkbuster?
I have yet to be kicked by PB in COD5. I do get crazy firewall annoyances after I am done playing however.

I think you mean COD4 which is indeed has problem with multiplayer and PB.