Can a Library folder have a background image?

For a special purpose system, I'd like to set a background image on a library folder.

In a "regular" folder, this is very easy setting the desktop.ini, but this does not work in the "meta" folders that are libraries.

I've been otherwise unable to figure out how this might be done. Is it possible?

That's great for changing the icon of a Library, but not the background image (ie: the underlay the library contents are displayed in)

Though that did lead me down some research paths I didn't know about before. Unfortunately through all the sources I didn't find any references to a schema element that would change/set a background image. :(

How about this: Use Images As Folder Background In Windows 7 [Customization]

Never mind…I just read on another forum that this does not work on the libraries folder. Sorry, maybe someone else can offer a tip.
Yeah. That tool is just a wrapper around desktop.ini edits. Unfortunately, Libraries are not folders and don't follow folder rules for a bunch of lower level operations. I may be out of luck here.


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Maybe there's one tool that will work. It edits many properties of the libraries folder, but there's not a written list of what those are. Windows 7 Library Tool

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