can any one help same program open all my files

OK I somehow choice my power2go program as the default program for all my programs. All my icons turned to power2go icon, I have done this before and in the past I would delete the program causing this (power2go) and the problem would be solved. I did this and nothing happened, the program was deleted but all my icons are now blank. When I go to open any other program I get the default box asking me to choose which program to use to open it. I mean for everything word, internet explorer, I mean everything. For example when I tried to open windows media player I get a box that says " The selected file has an extension (ink.) that is not recongnized by windows media player, but the player may still be able to play it. Because the extension is unknown by the player, you should be sure that the file comes from a trustworthy sourse. When I select yes I get windows media player cannot play the file the player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file. When I try word I get the default box and when I select word it opens still how do I get the defaults restored. Some programs don't do anything they just time out. I did a system restore and nothing how do I restore my defaults for all my programs. Is there a way to make sure this never ever happens again. The box that say always use this program to open this type of file is not checked which it usually is I am afraid to check it for each individual program fearing I might make things worse. Is there anything I can do? When I called HP they wanted to charge me a lot of money to fix this which I am sorry to say is BS, can you please someone help me?

Try going to Control Panel, then Auto-Play. Choose "Restore Default Settings" and see if that works.

Also you can manually select from the options shown.

didnt do a thing how would i be able to transfer all my music movies everything to a new account if I had to set one up? because not one person has the fix for this i have tried a system restore i have tried control panel default and autoplay i have done it all and not one thing has worked HELP ME PLEASE

Well, sorry to say, I'm stuck on this one now. Did you check your setting in the Power2Go burning app to see if that may be causing it?

you will need to reset your default registry entries and program associations for the Windows 7 file extensions < I dont think there is a post covering it on this forum but i know there are tutorials available on the internet so I suggest a google search for "reset program defaults windows 7" and you will find something ;)

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