Windows 7 Can anyone confirm that Advanced System Care 3.1.1 is fully compatible with Windows 7



Ok, people have told me that they use Advanced System Care 3.1.1 on their Windows 7 Beta and at the moment I'm looking for a decent registry cleaner.

Is there anyone out there who is currently using this and does it in fact work ? I'm a little hesitant on trying it out, mainly because I do not want to fuck up my system :D

Anyways, is there any other registry cleaner that you can recommend ?

Thanks a lot

It's work fine...I have the Pro Version

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I notice that you're using Tune Up Utilities 2009, yesterday I tried installing it however it gave me errors. What's the experience like with it ? Are you able to fully use it without and problems ?

i have the latest version 8.0.1100 .....just ignore the error and it'll be able to install......I didn't fully use it...just use for the TuneUP 1-Click and it's fine.
Latest Version of TuneUp Utilities 2009 is 8.0.2000

Latest Version of TuneUp Utilities 2009 is 8.0.2000.
I get installation errors as well, but ignored them and for the most part it seems to work ok.