Windows 7 Can Anyone Help with Trojan32win.Sudiet.B?

Hello, Can someone please help with what to do about a virus called: Trojan32win.Sudiet.B ? I've never had a virus before, and the windows live ONE keeps removing it, and restarting computer, then when it comes back on it scans for couple minutes, then like starts "freaking" out and has to remove it again, and again. So I purshased Nortin Anti-virus, and installed it, and it is almost doing the exact thing, but on a larger scale, it also flashes: Trojan:win32/Fakeyou. and also some Adware thing, and another Trojan.win32/renes. I really don't know what to do. I have windows vista premium. 64. thank you so much. tony@520-404-3371. I really need some help.


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If you download the free "Adobe Shockwave" Player, you can also pick up the "Norton PC Checkup Tool". It scans for Viruses and Trojans. Checks computer performance too... Norton keeps extensive files on these things and can be researched for special treatments..

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