can anyone please help me with this BSOD?

Hi all,
I just got a bsod yesterday, it keeps show up about 3 mins after i start my computer. i have been trying to restore my computer with "recovery" in control panel, but bsod is still there.
the dmp files are in the attachment. when the bsod shows up, it doesn't have any "caplock and underscore" problems at all.
Finally, i really don't know how to reboot the system so if you guys can, please show me how.

PS. my desktop is Lenovo window 7 home premium, memory: 3gb DDR3, hard drive: 320gb SATA II, processor: AMD athlon II X2 215



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I can't open your dmp files properly. Is your system configured correctly to generate dmp files? Please check. When you mean 'reboot' the system do you mean a reinstall of the os or....

Follow the advice in this thread and post again.. thanks.

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hi kemical,
i have followed the steps, but for the cpu-z files, my computer says it has an error, and i already take a screenshot at it for you ! So, tell me what to do next, thank you!!!
By reboot, i mean reinstallation of window os, sorry for confusing. However, in the worst case, i think i do need to do reinstallation, so that my computer is back to the point where it's safest against this blue screen. What do you think about this plan?


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