can connet to server use \\servername but not with \\ip address

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    as you can see for the suject may problem isreather an odd one
    As I can conncet to server using \\servername but not with the \\ip address

    bascily \\ ip address only brings up one one of the shared folders percificly the one I use for user information
    where as \\servername bring up all the fileshare folders on the server.

    If it was the other way around I would assum its a DNS Error however, i am useing the direct ipaddress this does not need to go throw DNS (i think)

    Can anyone help me figer out whats going wrong its only hapooning on windows 7 pc and then only on the one useing domain login. have I got somtihn worng in permissons or group policy ?
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