Can I create second Local Area Connection like VMware Network Adapter

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by twotails22, Dec 15, 2012.

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    I got probelm.

    Some server game banned my macaddress (NIC).
    So now I can't login this game with my lan card (Local Area Connection) in my windows
    but I sloved problem by play that game in VMWARE that have a virtual network adaptor
    with a new macaddress

    Question is if it possible to create virtual network adaptor with new macaddress in my windows7 , Not in vmware or vitual pc etc...

    Because I want to play this game in my windows but this server banned my lan card myaddress I need a new connection that have a new macaddress like vmware network adator.

    So Is it possible ? and how to do it?

    Please Help Thank you
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    I trust that the ban did not arise from offense committed by yourself!

    Theoretically, because a MAC address is burned into the adapter, MAC addresses cannot be changed but depending on the card it may be possible using one a number of approaches. The simplest way, if your card supports it, is to change it through the adapter properties in network and sharing section of control panel. There is a good guide here:

    How to Change a MAC Address

    At the very worst you can simply buy another adapter - they are extremely cheap.

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